Rhonda Clark

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Links To Her Works:

Gideon and His Plants (c) 2006, JournEzine.com 

The Demon Road (c) October 2008, Maypop Magazine

The Bookshelf Newsletter--Three part devotional series God is the Sugar in the Cookies of our Lives

  1. God's Taste Test (c) 2008, published: July 2008 issue
  2. Imitation Ingredients (c) 2008, published: August 2008 issue
  3. Spreading God's Sweetness (c) 2008, published: October 2008 issue
  1. Quilting Lessons (c) 2006
  2. The Calling (c) 2006
Christian Online Magazine
  1. Carrots and Chocolate (c) October 2006
  2. Divine Intervention (c) February 2007

Faithcycle Ministries

  1. Roller Coaster Year (December 2006) 
  2. Summertime (Decmeber 2006)
  3. Moose Snot (June 2006)
  4. Lesson From A Heron (June 2006)

Haruah Magazine

  1. The Lone Violin (c) October 2006

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